My month in objects and words: open to new adventures January 2023

Inspired by Reading my tea leaves blog.

January has been a tough month. As happens with unstable works, such as being a post-doc researcher in academia, the future can be very uncertain. This is my collection of objects and pictures from January.

1. back to my self and to “Atomic Habits” by James Clear book

(and trying to be productive even without motivation)

2. open to new adventures

(and the dirt present on the “adventure” path)

3. trying to be positive

(and buying a new agenda… yes, I know)

4. reading impressive books

(and sipping another coffee)

5. overcoming fears

(and embracing my image)

6. back to architecture freelance work to build finance stability for the future

(and remembering why I love to be an architect and not only a researcher)


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