Time for reviewing 2022 readings: many fiction books and some interesting findings

My 2022 year has been quite dense with work, family and, fortunately, readings. I feel lucky to had the possibility to spend some free time with interesting stories.

As for many book lovers, the time spent with books is often not only a pleasure but a true joy. Is it the same for me. I like to recover from a dense working day with just a book and a tea.

I have to say that I would have liked to read more, especially more non-fiction books. However, except for what I read for work (mainly scientific articles and reports), 2022 has not been so dense of them.

According with my Goodreads profile, I have read 39 books and a total of 11,716 pages. That’s quite impressive for me and my standards! So… well done!

The covers of the 2022 (mainly) fiction books I have read

I have been quite proud of the choices I have made, everything was quite good and interesting and I discovered interesting authors.

Fantasy favourites (11 out of the 39, that’s a number!)

La biblioteca di mezzanotte

The midnight library

Matt Haig

This is the story of a woman, of a very, very, strange library and of possibilities. A book that made me reflect on life and sliding doors. Not a proper fantasy but more a contemporary book with some dreamy-magical elements inside.

Il priorato dell’albero delle arance

The Priory of the Orange Tree (The Roots of Chaos, #1)

Samantha Shannon

This is the story of one (two) young and courageous girl(s) that lives in a big and diverse world: dragons, skill competitions, a court, demons, pirates, witches and a hidden land where powerful fruits grow. The world-building is astonishing and incredibly well done. Recommended for people that want to read a very very well written fantasy.

Contemporary favourites

Avere tutto

Marco Missiroli

This is an Italian book written by an author I had never read before. A very positive surprise! The book tells the story of a man returning to his city of origin to stay nearer the dad, who is alone and sick. It is written in a strong but at the same time delicate way. I like the “dry” style of the author. The setting is a medium size city in Italy, near the Adriatic sea. And this location frames the way the story is told, as the author uses a lot of vernacular expressions of the area, which is also his own city of origin.

Il diario di Jane Somers

The diaries of Jane Somers

Doris Lessing

Somehow similar to the previous book, this is the story of a very elegant woman who has a wonderful and full time job in the fashion area. She has an important career for her and she loves her job. One day she met an old lady, who seems to be quite alone. From that moment, Jane Somers’ life changes quite slowly but at the same time quite heavily. I loved the intensity of this friendship and the way the book is written, in a diary form. Very profound and emotional.

Non-fiction favourites

The crossroads of should and must

Elle Luna

The only good non-fiction and self-help book of interest that I have read this year. It contains a lot of very interesting exercises and key messages. However, nothing is really new about self-growth and the decision processes. If you have read other books in the genre, this will not be very innovative for you. However, the graphics are wonderful and very strong. They are always associated with powerful sentences and punch lines, that make the content remarkable and memorable. It is perfect to be accessed and consulted easily and frequently.

Children illustrated books

Storia d’Inverno

Winter story

Jill Barklem

I think that many of you might have read Jill Barklem’s books in your childhood, at least once. It is sincerely one of the best books I have ever read when I was young. The illustrations are gorgeous and so full of details that I can stay for hours looking at them. I used to have a very small edition, containing the entire series, but I find this specific edition easier to read with children. Totally recommended.

And you, what have been your favourite books of 2022? Let me know in the comment.

All the links are Amazon Affiliates. It means that I will receive a small commission if you purchase (not only click) a book suggested by me through the link.


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